Friday, September 11, 2009

Feature Friday- Little Gray Pixel


Name: Vanessa Morsse

Etsy Shop: Little Gray Pixel

Blog: Little Gray Pixel

Shoe Size: Step on my old size nines, and I'll take ya round. Apparently I attract size 7.5 shopping partners, so I've never had to fight over that last pair of awesome shoes. But I'd claw a fool if I had to!


I tell stories through a lens and sell them in print form.

What makes your motor run?

My husband of 11 years, staying up late to read the last chapter, unexpected emails, chocolate in any of its myriad forms, tasting the salt of the ocean and curling my toes in the sand, finding a really good deal at the thrift. Exploring, whether it be miles from home or right in my own neighborhood. Cheesy dance movies, Beatles karaoke, Strokes concerts, an ice cold beer. Sleeping in late, holidays with family, winning.
And I'm just getting started ...

Patrick Swayze or Patrick Bateman?

Apologies to Bret Easton Ellis, but Mr. Swayze makes me weak in the knees when he says, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner." Plus, have you SEEN "Roadhouse"?

Hawaii or Holland?

Both, please. I've been to Hawaii, and I'd move there in a heartbeat. The beauty I witnessed there was almost too much to take in. It has to be the closest place to heaven on Earth. That being said, Holland is in the top 10 on my list of places I absolutely must visit in this lifetime. I have to procure a pair of large wooden clogs.

John Lennon or John Lee Hooker?

John Lennon has been my hero since I was 15. He was an extremely flawed person, but as an artist he was brave enough to write music that was pure and lyrics that were honest. "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." So true. On a side note, I've affected a Liverpudlian accent on more than one occasion in pretending to be the seventh* Beatle. I'm not very good at it.
*Fifth and sixth Beatles: Pete Best and Stu Sutcliffe

White Stripes or White Zombie?

The White Stripes, only because they are one of the few bands that have mentioned my hometown of Wichita, Kan., in a song.

King Ralph or The Fisher King?

Can you believe I haven't seen either of these films? I guess I can add them to the list of movies to watch when I'm finally done reviewing Yahoo's 100 Movies to See Before You Die. (See that here)


Have you ever been to a figure 8 race?

I've not had the pleasure, but the videos I just Googled made me LOL. Crashes inevitable! Such an amazing promise! I have made donuts in my car that came close to a figure eight in shape, but there was never much likelihood of a crash because I did those in a vacant high school parking lot.

Have you ever broken any bones?

Nope, knock on wood.

If you could photograph any celebrity,
living or dead, who would it be?

Ooh, a tough one. I'll say Jack Kerouac. There aren't an awful lot of pictures of him, and the ones that exist aren't all that good. I think I could catch him off-guard. All I'd have to do is ply him with vats of liquor and eventually he might start to talk to me about spontaneous prose.

Finish this sentence, "Tommy used to work on the docks,…."

"Union's been on strike. He's down on his luck! It's tough, sooooo tough." That's one of the best of Jon Bon, as I used to call him back in the day. This song, incidentally, holds up.

I smoke cigarettes like a
freight train and drink coffee like I am afraid they will
be outlawed any second. What are your vices?

I'm a shopaholic. And I've never said
no to a free beer or cupcake. Nuff said.
I have managed to kick my nasty Diet Coke habit, though.
You're glad you weren't around me for those two weeks of caffeine withdrawal.

So do you feel like this interview was worth it?

Amazing. I feel like you've reached
down to the depths of my soul and (hopefully) pulled out a pearl.
It's either that or a lump of coal. Ha!

Give us a blurb about your shop, inspiration,
advice for other Etsy sellers, favorite mantra/lyric/quote,
your fave item in your shop, tell us to fuck off,
whatever you want.

Before I put something in my shop I put it through a rigorous test.
Is it colorful? Does it have energy? Does it bring back a memory? Is it pretty?
I want to transport you to another place or time, to bring a smile to your face, to make you say "yes, that's it."
If I've done that, I'm successful.
If not, there's always another photoshoot.
And, from the wise lips of Benjamin F.:
"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Catching Up.

Where, oh where, is all of my time going?!
Thankfully, our house is the cleanest it has
been in months, and the hubs and I actually got to spend
some time together..and it wasn't filled with conversations
about the art opening.

The art opening went great!
Over a hundred people were in and out the door
over the three hours, and the hubs sold 9 pieces!
The show runs a month, so we are hoping even more
will fly off the walls.

Needless to say it was a success, and we couldn't be happier!

Here are some pics from the night..
how cool is Ultra Pop that hosted the show?!

See everyone tomorrow for Feature Friday!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Feature Friday..

Hey everybody!

Feature Friday will be back next week,
as we are in the throes of the hub's art opening tonight.

Since the Feature Friday artists all have to submit a photo
with knuckle tattoos or a mustache,
I will contribute this photo of me to honor the Featureness
and all its glory..

Here is a sneak peek right before the show opens so
you guys can check it out!

Rise Above watercolor by John Massie.

Have a great weekend!!
See ya on Monday!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Business.

The hubs and I pulled a late night and finally
got our business cards made.

We decided to make them all by hand, because
when we tried to use our artwork and print them,
I had a fight with Photoshop.

Photoshop and I aren't on speaking terms right now
and I hope we can work it out soon.
As of right now, though, I am not apologizing.
I meant what I said.

Without further ado, here they are.
Hand stamped on watercolor paper, it took us forever.
We had an assembly line going with Heart blaring in the background.

Hope you like them. We love the rawness of them,
and the fact that they look pretty punk rock.

Oh, and a couple of things.

If I haven't contacted you yet for Feature Friday,
it is because the questions take quite a bit of time
to work up, and I promise I will get to everybody!

I had people commenting on the blog, emailing me,
and sending convos, so I am just trying to organize it all.

Additionally, I received an email asking if I take sponsors
for Where Eagles Dare, and really, I don't know the answer
to that yet..
I would only want sponsors that were other artists, bloggers,
not really wanting anything that is not related to what we like
and do here..
Do you think people would be interested in that?
Do you have sponsors on your blog?
Any advice?

Monday, August 31, 2009


Thanks to everyone for all of the good vibes and
crossed fingers!
I received word this weekend that I was hired on
as a writer for one of the websites I sent my portfolio

I figured I might need some inspirational
items for my new job, so I
turned to Etsy.

If you have been a follower of my blog for awhile,
you know how much I love Charles Bukowski.
So I remember to write everyday, and to honor my
hero, I have a huge portrait of him
tattooed on my ribs.

I need this Limited Edition Bukowski's Women Linocut Book
by BrandyLevensArt.

It is an artist interpretation of all the lovers he writes
about in my favorite novel, Women.

Extra, Extra!!
This bracelet is seriously awesome.
She recycled newspaper to make this awesome cuff.
Who knew that newspaper could be this pretty?

Newspaper Morphed bracelet by Giandpindo.

And now that I will be writing full time, I can use my
typewriter for something other than ransom notes.

Oh, how I love these from Girlscantell.

One of my favorite quotes by Bukowski:

"I don't know about other people , but when I bend over to put on my shoes in the morning, I think, Christ-oh-mighty, now what?"

Who is your favorite author?
Favorite quote?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Feature Friday- The Feathered Elephant


Name: Samantha

Etsy Shop: The Feathered Elephant

Shoe Size: 8.5 wide, 9 if they don't have wide.
My husband calls them my "Freddy Flinstones."
And yes, I still married him.


I sell one of a kind fascinators, hair clips, and headbands. Combs coming soon! I love to use feathers, found trinkets, upcycled buttons, flowers.. pretty much anything that I find interesting.

What makes your motor run?

Family and friends, my uber hot husband
of course, learning, creating..I enjoy a good steak and baked potato, too.
Looking at a mix CD in my stereo right now, it would have Dr. Ralph Stanley (Bluegrass, Yee Haw! I'm a Kentucky girl) to Beastie boys to Motorhead to Gangstarr to The Clash...I like it, I listen.
Yard sales, home improvement, gardening, I'm an HGTV whore..
I work third shift, so coffee really makes my motor run!!!!

Michael J. Fox or Samantha Fox?

I wanna give a shout out to my bro, because today is when his 1st son is coming into the world. I found the issue of Playboy with Samantha Fox on the cover in my bro's room when I was 14, so in honor
of him, I choose her. Sorry, Alex P. Keaton.

Mike Ness or Michael Stipe?

Duh!! Mike Ness.

80's fashion or 50's fashion?

Out of these two, 50's, but I prefer early 60's..Mad Men all the way, baby.

The Breakfast Club or The Joy Luck Club?

The Breakfast Club. I'm all about psychological development through teenage angst.

Zooey Deschanel or Coco Chanel?

Coco Chanel.
"When leaving your house, always remember to remove one accessory." -CC


What is your must have accessory for everyday?

Earrings, all way. If I don't have earrings on,
I feel like its bad luck. I am completely frazzled if I realize I have left the house in a hurry without them. I have even started to keep an extra pair
in my bag, just in case. I refer to them as the "Back Up Cobras."

How do you know when its been a good day?

1. When I see my husband's smiling face.
2. The bills are paid.
3. If I didn't have to use my AK.

A burglar breaks in your house, and the only weapons in reach are your craft supplies..
How are you going to stop him?

As per the previous answer, didn't you just read that I have an AK-47?...
I keed, I keed.
I would take my uber sharp, pointy scissors and slice his hamstring, then proceed to take my crafting wire and choke that fool out.

Quick!! Open your purse.
What are the first three items you see?

My ten year old Levi's red denim wallet, keys, and Oral B dental floss.
If anyone dares to look in the side pocket, they would find my
retainers, along with my backup tampons, earrings, and Splenda.

If I am going through the library at your house, what I am going to find?

Currently, my $375 (ugh!) collection of grad school books that I just purchased.
They are all on the topic, or related to, behavior analysis.
My leisurely read at the moment would be The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement.
I usually like to recycle my books, either lend them out or trade with friends.

So do you feel like this interview was worth it?

Yes! Generally speaking, people who
have a normal level of self esteem usually don't mind talking
about themselves. I guess that totally applies to me as well.

Give us a blurb about your shop, inspiration,
advice for other Etsy sellers, favorite mantra/lyric/quote,
your fave item in your shop, tell us to fuck off,
whatever you want.

My shop is really in its infancy,
so I am kind of on this rollercoaster
ride with other newbie Etsy sellers..
When it comes to sales.. when it rains, it pours, and when its dry,
it seems drought striken for awhile.
My favorite quote would be
"What is not eternal, is nothing"..
which is something that my great aunt, Sister Mary Prisca,
said to me often. It has always struck a cord.
I find comfort and inspiration in those words,
and it pretty much sums up how I live my life.

And, of course, "Do NOT drink the Kool-Aid".

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Itty Bitty.

I started a new project .
It may be TMI for some,
too sappy for others, but hells bells if you like it,
follow me on there. I am not sure exactly
where it is going to go..

It started out as an anniversary gift for the hubs
that I wanted to surprise him with, but now
I think its something I want to do 24/7.
Let me know what you think, click the banner to
check it out.

I won some more giveaways,
all very cute, tiny items.
I love anything that is "mini", so I couldn't
be more thrilled!

1. Mini Journal from Move The Needle
2. Hand Drawn Buttons from Oh!! I like that!! Blog
3. Skeleton Key Necklace from MAB Jewelry

In honor of my new project and giveaway wins,
I dare you to post your favorite cheesy love song,
OR more difficult, post a song that has any lyrics
about small things. (Any synonym for small will do.)

I'll go first.
Love song: Baby, Baby by The Vibrators
(Yes, the word Vibrator was on our
wedding programs..hahahaha.)

Mini song: Tiny Dancer by Elton John


Friday, August 21, 2009

Feature Friday- My Pretty Zombie


Name: Andrea Evans, you can call me Mrs. Evils (if you're nasty)

Etsy Shop: My Pretty Zombie

Blog: I Am Only A Small Amount Of Evil

Shoe Size: 7 ish...I can never find anything good left in the clearance section


I test pee for drugs for a living...
and I repaint Barbies to look like Fabulous Zombies.

What makes your motor run?

My super hot husband, zombies,
French champagne, Asian and Italian horror, smoking, taxidermy,
make up, making up new swears ( an example: "I'm calling biscuits
and gravy on yer ass!"), coffee, blogging about pee, getting tattooed,
anything sparkly, the usual.

Frank Black or Jack Black?

Jack Black has got great eyebrows,
but I've been a Pixies fan since high school.
If I had to choose only one band to listen to forever it would be them.
Okay, and throw in Frank Blacks solo work and the first
Breeders album, and then I'd be happy.

Argento or Fulci?

Fulci hands down...I mean Zombie?!
Get the eff out! A zombie fighting a shark AND an eyeball getting
impaled on a splinter? What more could a girl ask for?!
As a side note, I have not actually SEEN the above mentioned eyeball
scene as I am unusually terrified of anything eyeball related and have
to cover my face every time. My husband always says "oh its over, its
okay to look now" but I know better. I refuse to fall for his trickery.

Chocolate Malt or Malt Liquor?

Malt is so weird. Is Cisco a malt liquor?
I think I had that once.

Deebo or Devo?

Devo....I was such a new waver as a child.
I had the asymmetrical hair cut and lavender high top converse.
I still love those guys and will rock the hell out if I hear "Peekaboo".
I was beside myself when Paul started playing guitar in a
new wave cover band. Except they mostly play on week nights and I'm stuck
pouring pee. That part sucks.

Carrie Bradshaw or Carrie White?

I've never seen Sex and the City,
but occasionally Paul is watching it when I come home from work and
then he's all, "What? It was just on, I wasn't REALLY watching it!"
I do love shoes, but can't really relate to the girlfriends thing.
Carrie White is more my style. I even made a custom Carrie doll for my friend AgonysDecay.


Grossest object you ever found in testing pee at work?

I see so much gross stuff on a
daily basis that you really get immune to it. Blood, hair, a dime,
bleach, some sort of semi solid waxy name it and
I've seen it. People are very crafty about trying to pass their
drug tests and most assume that my job is done by robots.
The grossest thing ever was a giant insect leg that fell out
of a specimen as I was pouring it. It was at least 2 inches
long and covered in tiny bug hair. I'm guessing it was a cockroach,
but I guess it could have been some sort of tarantula. I shudder
to think about how it got there. Of course I didn't have my camera
that day or you KNOW I would have blogged about it!

First tattoo? Favorite tattoo?

My first tattoo was Leo Zuleta
tribal flash that I got on my lower back. What the kids refer to
as a "tramp stamp". I was 17 and it was 1992. I always knew that
I was going to be a tattooed person. My dad was a prison guard in
the seventies and used to show us the confiscated prisoner flash.
I was hooked at an early age.
My favorite...that's a little tougher...I have a jackalope with a
skeleton body and a wheel on a stump for a leg. I'm very fond of
that one. Also I think the pink magnolias on my collarbones are
pretty tuff.

You win a contest to work with any
horror movie actor/director/producer/special effects
person, how do you choose and why?

Tom Savini. If I won the lottery
and had nothing but time and money, I would enroll in his make up
school and happily spend the rest of my life creating horrible icky
crap to display around my house. I get so excited when I see him
in cameos in movies.

Your husband buys you a Dolorian
for Christmas. What band/singer, (living or dead its a freakin' time machine!),
are you going to see?

I think all of my faves are still
alive and well, but for the sheer bad-assery of it, I think I would
check out Elvis' 1968 comeback special, cause that black leather suit
is Hot!

Did you ever jam out to the song "Informer" by Snow? Be honest.

As a matter of fact, very recently!
My friend Erin
did Blogathon this year and did an awesome karaoke rendition.
It was pretty late at night though
and I had to jam out very
quietly in the other room so I didn't wake Paul up.

So do you feel like this interview was worth it?

Hell yes! Thanks for letting me hang out with you cool kids!

Give us a blurb about your shop, inspiration,
advice for other Etsy sellers, favorite mantra/lyric/quote,
your fave item in your shop, tell us to fuck off,
whatever you want.

I've been on Etsy for a year now, and its been so great! I love meeting all the amazing artists and having fans and stuff. I'm so happy when my Zombies go to their new homes. I love the dioramas the most, I spend so much time trying to figure out exactly where to position all the tiny crap. Nobody cares as much about Barbie shoes as I do, I've found. I'm hoping to branch out this next year into more areas of zombie goodness, so check me out.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Old School.

The hubs and I try to go to a horror convention
once a year.
Try to say horror convention really fast..
I specifically slow down when saying this because people
get the wrong idea as to what the hubs and I are shopping for.

Our house is loaded up with masks, 8 X 10 photo autographs,
underground slasher films, and oh the toys..
sorry, babe, the "collectible figures".

This is just the tip of the iceberg..

I used to create my artwork in the room pictured above.
I look back on old sold pieces and realize just how
inspirational and important your environment can be.

Here are some of my mixed media pieces from about
five years ago. I am considering bringing this
line of work back with some twists and turns.

What do you think?

This was for a movie themed art show..
I chose Deliverance. Now that, my friends,
is a scary ass movie.

And here are a few pieces from my solo show.

Rhinestone Deadboy

Pit of Snakes


Please forgive the quality of the last three pics,
I had no idea how to photograph pieces back then.

Little known fact:
Even bad asses cry sometimes during scary movies.
The frickin' Exorcist.

What scary movie inspires you to pee your pants?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Feature Friday- Ponder and Stitch


Name: Amy

Etsy Shop: Ponder and Stitch and Myhools

Blog: Ponder and Stitch

Shoe Size: 8


I'm a mad stitcher and sell sewn and jewelry items inspired by all things vintage.

What makes your motor run?

A good book that puts me right into a dark alley in Victorian London. Thrifting. My guitar.

Thrift store or Anthropolgie ?

Thrift store, no contest!

Gary Oldman or Gary Coleman ?

Hmm... John Krasinski. Oh, he wasn't a choice? Ok, Gary Oldman

Cypress Hill or Notting Hill ?

Oh, Notting Hill, definitely! But NOT the movie ;)

Charles Dickens or Charles in Charge?

Please, Charles Dickens is my boyfriend.

Color Me Badd or INXS ?

BUT I will admit that the very first concert I ever attended (in junior high) was opened by Color Me Badd!! But come on, the tickets were free (won on the radio by a friend) and I was 12! Oh, man, I'll never live that one down.


Your thoughts on Hyper Color t-shirts, amazing invention or disgusting?

I'm not gonna lie. I was a fan. I think after those came my very favorite 'button your fly' shirts. Ugh!

When you are playing your guitar,
do you ever fling your hair around and pretend you are on
MTV Unplugged : Ponder and Stitch?
What songs do you play?

haha no!
I'm a mellow acoustic girl all the way! My favorite song to play
is Blackbird, I'm a sensitive soul (really!).

Is there any celebrity that you would challenge to a cage fight and severely bludgeon them if given the chance?, I don't think so. Plus, any celebrity -even any celebrity's baby- would have no trouble breaking my twig arms in two.

Finish this sentence, "You gotta know when to hold 'em..."

uhhhh drawing a blank here..

Where Eagles Dare finally gets the recognition it deserves with a book proposal, and after I buy some gold fronts
for me, the hubs, and our dogs, I give you $5,000 to take a trip anywhere. Where ya gonna go and why?

Oh, London, for sure!! I've been dying to go my whole life. I don't care if it's dark and rainy or whatever. I'm getting there one day, and I'd especially like to visit Highgate Cemetery!

So do you feel like this interview was worth it?

Hell yes!

Give us a blurb about your shop, inspiration,
advice for other Etsy sellers, favorite mantra/lyric/quote,
your fave item in your shop, tell us to fuck off,
whatever you want.

Hmm..a bit of wisdom from me to you: don't draw letters on your right hand when you are right handed. If you do, it ends up looking like you drew letters on your right hand with your left hand. You just can't come back from that.